Monday, February 25, 2013

A Glorious Return?

Salutations my reader friends! It has been just over a year since my last review. Where have I been? Why did I disappear? Have I quit reading? The answers are, Work, Work, and Heck No! You see, once upon a time, I was an unemployed reader looking for something constructive to do with my time. So I started a blog about the books I read. I loved my blog, and I dedicated a lot of my time to it.

But as sometimes happens, I was hired, and then promoted into a job that...well, that sucks the life out of me. I work all day, I go home, I cook dinner, I do various tasks required of an independent adult, and then, if I'm lucky, I read for a few minutes before falling to sleep. This schedule leaves fairly little time to devour books and then compose concise reviews. So I (guiltily) abandoned my book blog.

Now here we are. A year later, and I am still reading, and I still want to share the books I find! I find my day job tedious and dull, not to mention unfulfilling, so I am rededicating myself. I don't want to reset passwords for the rest of my life and look back only to see that I accomplished so little. Reading and writing are my passions! I was recently asked what I hate NOT doing in my daily life, and the first thing that popped out of my mouth was "reading". So here I am. Back. to read as much as I possibly can, and tell you all about it. My posts will surely be fewer and farther between than in the past, but I do promise to keep posting. I hope you enjoy reading with me.


  1. Good on ya, and good to see you back. :)

    I just read a book from one of Portland's public libraries, by the way. No, not IN the library -- they sold it through a bookstore and I purchased it. It's on cycling in cities, and Portland got a chapter.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome! Say, what library? Multnomah County, by any chance? Yes, we are a cyclist's dream. We're still adjusting, of course. Cars and bikes don't always see eye to eye, but overall I think we're pretty proud of our large number of commuter cyclists.

  2. Yep, Multnomah County. Portland is rated 2nd only to someplace called Davis, California...which had the advantage of being built out by a mayor who likes bikes. According to this book, it was just the site of an agricultural college...but when the town began growing, the mayor at the time decided to make it a bike place.