Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lost & Found: Jacqueline Sheehan

Lost & Found is a novel that I have seen on the best-seller bookshelves at the store. I finally picked it up and decided to dive in. Riding on the coattails of Marley & Me's success, this book is ultimately about a dog who changes the life of our protagonist. Rocky is a 38-ish year old woman whose husband dies suddenly of a heart attack within the first pages of the book. To handle the stress of her heartache, Rocky moves out to Peak's island, off the coast of Maine and takes a job she has no real experience in. She discovers Lloyd--an injured black lab who moves into her home and life.

Sheehan does something interesting in this novel by giving thoughts and a voice to the lovable lab. While it's not exactly believable, Lloyd's brief narratives do shine a light on the true plot of the story--the suspicious death of Lloyd's original owner. The cast of characters is peopled with small-town eccentrics. None of them are very well developed except for the anorexic teenager who dog sits for Rocky. The disappointment with the teenage girl is that her character has so little follow through. She is presented with such importance that I kept waiting for her role to become intricately involved with the plot, but it never happened.

This is yet another novel in a string of books I have read with little impression.

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  1. I purchashed this book because it was a New York Times best seller. Of course I read a few pages first and it seemed interesting. This is perhaps the most poorly written book I have ever attempted to read. At first it was amusing, but I have come to the point where I am unable to read on. It inspires me to go into editing.